The Worth of Wealth, like Time

…. is relative. You strive, you drive, you amass, you quench a need. Addicted to pleasure and bought glory, you crave more, you feel powerful, you’re flying….till it peaks. Now you age, you decline, you fret, you sweat to oversee the great vaults of treasure and the outcrops of all your territories. The days contract,… Continue reading The Worth of Wealth, like Time

Linkse indoctrinatie in het onderwijs bestaat alleen tussen de oren van populisten

Behalve dat dit praktijken uit heel donkere tijden zijn, zoals de Chinese Culturele Revolutie en de tijd van senator McCarthy in de VS, die in een democratische rechtsstaat en parlementaire democratie als de onze niet thuishoren en zeker niet vanuit de partij die de grootste is in de eerbiedwaardige Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal, is het… Continue reading Linkse indoctrinatie in het onderwijs bestaat alleen tussen de oren van populisten

You’re so vain

                              This text was written by Pilar Gomez I Bet You Think This Blog is About You A chaotic week closes and where are we? A group of MPs have finally released themselves from the straight-jacket of hardening ideology in their respective parties, which has paralysed both the party of government and HM opposition. The parties… Continue reading You’re so vain

One Night in February

This poem was written by Marianne Velvart   I had a dream that Christmas was here again Squeezed itself back Through a sash window in the shortest month Caught me with guard down With the family round, hungry and expectant And me in tacitly panicked, ad-lib mode Acting unflustered, dutiful. I evoke the dream in… Continue reading One Night in February

Talking to strangers

                           This article was written by Luni Vermeulen I’ve always had a fervent affinity for other cultures. The vibrant variety of people, food, colours, themes, languages and noises incites an enigmatic curiosity in me. The more foreign and unknown, the more intrigued I become. This is one of the reasons I love travelling. It is also… Continue reading Talking to strangers