FBPE: who are we, and what stance do we take towards political issues?

Who are we? What are our objectives?

#FBPE originated in Europe. Nowadays it has supporters from 42 countries who believe in cooperation. Since October 2017 our movement consists of successful campaigners for democratic principles and fact-based information about the EU 

The increase of populist movements is alarming. At the same time social media are used on a wide scale to spread fake news and lies. All this led to dramatic changes of the political landscape of several European countries. As a result, one of our oldest allies, the UK, left the EU. Brexit not only weakens the status of the UK in the world but also has a massive negative impact on the population. This applies to both UK citizens and EU nationals. FoM was restricted and also the decision where to work and live. All this limited previous fundamental democratic rights which meant a progress when installed. 

But the UK was only the most remarkable case when changes became obvious: other EU countries like Poland and Hungary left the path of democracy as well.  Our objectives:

1. Information

For us as FBPE members all these changes are the outcome of right-winged propaganda which has to be opposed. Democratic structures have to be strengthened, information about political development has to be made public. This includes to present information from trustworthy experts who deal with the EU and European issues. This aspect has to be stressed because the media coverage of certain topics is mostly biased in countries which suffer from populist regimes. 

2. Network + Support

We want to increase networks in order to strengthen democratic movements so the people can #takebackcontrol! We will provide fact-based information and support with social media campaigns.  We are also creating a network of progressive movements in and outside Europe. Last but not least: we will give moral support: #leavealighton 

Who are we looking for?

Do you find yourself in this description? Great. Then join us if you also like to fight for democratic rights, for a better (place in the) EU, and hopefully one day a united Europe.

FAQ about FBPE

What is FBPE?

FBPE originated from a hashtag that’s an acronym for „follow back pro-EU“. It is used on Twitter to mark a political position that is pro-European and pro-EU. Several populist movements (which resulted in Brexit) made us aware that the EU has a „marketing problem“: many people aren’t aware of the huge benefits of the EU, although there are things that could be improved. Our goal is both to make the good things public and to point out problems.

Is FBPE a British movement against Brexit?

FBPE was, is and will remain an international/European movement founded and based in Mainland Europe. FBPE never was and never will be a ‚single issue‘ movement, regardless of how often others claim. The claim in itself is untrue, FBPE did not emerge as a UK movement solely for ‚Remainers‘. The people in the UK adapted the HT for their purpose, which we actively supported.

What is FBPE’s political stance?

We have been accused of being tories, elites and many other things. None of these claims were in the slightest true. We have done much more good than many even care to imagine, we are well-known for fighting against nationalists and populists. Not for nothing are we hated by many public figures such as Julia Hartley-Brewer, Andrew Neil, Lance Forman, Claire Fox and many, many others. We hit their nerves, they attack us, we retaliate and so it goes on.

We have always opposed and will always oppose racism, nationalism, populism, fascism, any abuse of human rights in general and oppression. Due to the size of the movement and the location (which is spread all over Europe) we have to prioritise those that are facing terrible abuse and have no laws to defend or protect them.

Our values and how we like to interact with others

FBPE condemns any kind of behaviour that abuses the rights and feelings of human beings. We will not be forced by any type of radical or abusive activists to support their ‚personal‘ vendettas.

What a responsible use of FBPE contains

We would welcome it if people in the UK would maybe use their own appropriate HT, #FBPEUK, #FBPEUGB or whatever. As seen recently, certain people seem to find it completely ok to use the #FBPE HT in order to promote their own agenda while simultaneously criticising the founder of FBPE for allegedly being an apologist for Transphobes.

We cannot stop anyone from using or in fact, abusing the HT. Anyone wanting to cause damage can bring their target into disrepute, just as others can’t prevent people from being a blemish for their community by using the HT to promote their own message, although they question the validity of FBPE being pro- European, Inclusive and Progressive. As far as we are aware FBPE has never taken part in ‚HT-napping‘. We explicitly condemn HT theft and refuse to use such HT‘s to gain followers for something we do not approve of.

Thank you for your attention!