Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson described Africa as a “blot” and said that it would be better if it was colonised again. He wrote that “The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge anymore”. Now you know what they mean by new deals!

Throughout my commentary of the past three years, I often used the ‘leveraging new markets’ phrase. Immigration was merely the fish bait to secure the plebeian vote. In truth it’s been all about money/power/expansion. Which echo from the past is no good to anyone without a knowledge of history and resultant basic deductive faculties.

The world-scale, aggressive capitalists see the monetization of you, me and poor countries as fair quarry. To that end, the Tories have been systematically breaking down society since Margaret Thatcher, who claimed there was no such thing. What she meant was that there shouldn’t be a collectively responsible society. Every dog for themselves. She was a soft fascist. The ideology has now come of age.

Her ghost has been roaming for decades, waiting for a second wind. The Tories in charge today are her diabolical offspring. The last thing stood in their way was the EU, holding democratic and moral principles aloft.

This is the day of the bastards when old, accepted norms have been hacked, shattered and bought into by just enough of the herd (as the overlords see us) to mount their attack. The current global climate was perfect for our own ruling elite. In fact, they’ve been squarely at the roots of the world’s present unravelling ie Cambridge Analytica and players like those of the Leave campaign and hard, parliamentary brexiteers co-working with the likes of Steve Bannon and funded by Putin and the Mercers in the US.

This IS their 2nd Empire wet dream. To jump, no holds barred on the expansionist big boys’ (world oligarchy) gravy train in order to steal whatever’s loose or weak, i.e. us without our EU rights, i.e. Africa’s geological riches and to hell with the little people and climate change!

This IS nothing less than fascism reborn and yes children, we, the former Great Britain are the bad guys.

Our PM elect (meaning he probably will be) in all his depravity, narcissism, pathological lying, misogyny, contempt for everything deemed beneath his Eton-bred oligarchic mentality, obscene pomposity and greed, provides a perfect thermometer reading of the UK’s fever-pitch descent.

Marianne Velvart

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