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 Thank you for your tremendous support, we will be leaving with 187 drones! For safety reasons we will not send live reports of our trip. As soon as we are back in Holland we will show you all the details of our trip. Meanwhile the preparations for sending the next load of drones will continue as usual (until they don’t want any more drones).

Eyes on Ukraine is striving to get as many drones as possible in the air over Kyiv and all other places in Ukraine where fighting is going on, so the truth will not perish in this war. If people are able to film on the spot with drones we can all see what is happening. As a result, it will become much more difficult to deny attacks on civilian targets or the use of cluster bombs.

Why drones? Even now, we see videos everywhere of citizens filming with their smartphones, which is difficult and dangerous. When filming with a phone you need to be close by, in which case you can be seen and shot at. A drone is remotely controlled and the operator can be hidden, which is much safer. An aerial shot also provides an overview of the situation as well as of the details. The drones are asked for by the Ukrainians.

Won’t the drones get shot out of the air? The drones that we use (DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo or similar) still produce a sharp image at a height of 80 meters, so they are not easily shot out of the sky, they are hardly visible at that height. And will they still try to shoot them down? In that case (If that happens), there will be fewer bullets for other targets. They are lightweight drones and therefore only suitable for filming and not, for example, as a weapon.

How much drones do you want? We will drive back and forth as often as needed, until there are no more drones to buy, or when the Ukrainians indicate that their demand is met. In that case, the remaining amount will be donated to the Foundation of Cooperating Aid Organisations, Giro 555.

How does the financing work? All costs for organization and transport are borne by the sponsor company and volunteers. Drones will be bought with every euro we collect.

Donate? Click here. Every amount is very welcome. The cost of one drone is about 450 euro. (If it doesn’t work with the link, please deposit at NL86BUNQ2068653982 attn. Farit Bekirov).

Questions or advice? info@eyesonukraine.eu or meet us on Facebook or Instagram


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