The house that the Union Jack built

This article was written by Marianne Velvart

Heard it with my own ears. Ken Clark just now on radio4 said: “By sad coincidence, the opposition is being led by hard line brexiteer left wing neo nazis”.
Zero punches pulled.
If only he’d have been as straight about the dirty nature of the ref, the monkey trap of a blind yes/no and the illegal spending by Leave, the coverups, the rushed, illegal triggering of A50 by May etc., he’d have been commendable. But no.
He was weak against the presenter who threw the ‘people have spoken’ drivel at him (that’s what he’s paid for) and talked bombastically over Mr Clark. The veteran Conservative MP was indeed pee weak about the question of real far right Nazi John ‘I’m comfortable about a no deal outcome’ Redwood’s insistence that the forcast of turmoil is nonsense.
Ken Clark, battling the aggressive presenter who sounded like Marr to me (though actually I don’t know who it was) said that he respects Mr. Redwood but believes he’s wrong. With that one sentence he affirmed my previous resolve to never trust a Tory any more than a hard line brexiteer on the left who is using Remainer’s votes to sell us a never ending porridge pot in place of the reality.
The lies have it! The house that the Union Jack built is falling down, falling down….time to usher alternative lyrics to old songs.

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