Social Darwinism

                       This article was written by Marianne Velvart

It is a massive lie that the ‘story’ can be all about us ie UK or America first! Every ill in the world is due to this selfsame error as it ever was. Thanks to our politicians we’ve rubbed dirt into the weeping sore of the earth. We unleashed a monster. Well done us. Ever the kids are burdened by their parents’ actions. A certain book confirms that ‘their sins are visited on the children’. The ancients often knew what they were talking about and what we’re about to learn. We neglect old wisdom at our peril.

Going to the root, it always starts with ideology. Belief tangles with morality, like it or not. Even a morally neutral, mechanical universe or materialist standpoint is morally redolent. By virtue of cutting right and wrong out of the argument, we get a kind of anarchy and a toxic notion that everything’s permissible. This is the very door to mayhem. The absence of something becomes the presence of something else. Nature abhors a void and Socrates called us to ‘know ourselves’ for good reason. For if we do not, someone nasty may just take advantage of it!

Shakespeare wrote ‘there’s more in heaven and earth Horatio than dreamt of in your philosophy. Broadening our minds should begin with understanding how the geopolitical world is rigged. If we cannot see the physical context what hope have we of higher thought? How well advised will our votes be in a so called democracy? What are we bringing to the party? If we can’t see the operative mechanics, we’re as disposable as the Darwinian carnivores that are today’s powers ‘that be’ think we are.

Everything turns on ideological shifts. Precedents abound of key philosophical/political manifestos which have influenced worldwide movements. Their power is a tzunami when it hits. Nietzsche’s ‘Will to Power’ is a case in point, though he was a relatively minor player who, by the way went mad in later life but I digress. He basically thought we’re nothing but competitive units. Everyone trying to be top dog or winds up being eaten by one. We are living in an age where political tacticians are conducting a high-stakes experiment in Social Darwinism. I don’t know about you but I’m going nowhere without a fight!


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