The United Resistance

In the last 30 years we have seen a tremendous upheaval in the balance of power worldwide. What does this mean for our future? What will each of us do to make a positive difference that promotes peace, prosperity and equality?

When I was a kid, my best friend’s dad worked in the defense industry. One day he took out a little piece of paper that he said had been taken from a Russian agent & showed it to us. It said that Russia would one day come back and destroy the United States from within. This moment always kind of stuck out in my head because I thought that my friend’s dad was bullshitting us–I mean how would he have come to receive that information? Why would he be in possession of the little piece of paper and be carrying it around with him. Moreover, why would he so cavalierly be showing it to us? I thought that either he was being lied to or that he was lying to us. That is until 2016.

In 2016, we all learned that for a very small amount of money the Russians who are now a relatively small power could completely undermine democracy both in the United States and worldwide quite easily without so much as firing a single bullet. Because of this, we are now seeing the terrifying rise of fascism and dictatorship worldwide, all seeded, cultivated and nourished by Vladimir Putin and his nefarious digital army of bots and trolls.

My first glimpse of this was in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Along with many others, I noticed that there were many posts attacking Hillary Clinton and other Democrats on social media coming from both the political left as well as the right saying the exact same thing in very poor English from accounts with few to no followers.

So like many others, I spent every extra minute of my days trying to help combat the lies. But there were so many of them and our foes actually had help from Americans who bought the lies, hook, line and sinker, including my own lifelong friends. These friends would later sadly be lost to me. Casualties of the war on truth. They are still alive, but they have lost touch with reality. They live in a bubble of disinformation and unlike most bubbles, these ones can’t be popped. Fortunately, however, I have since connected with hundreds, or actually thousands of amazing activists who have become new friends and allies, and are as alarmed as I am about the decline of western democracy and values. These unwavering advocates are dedicated to protecting freedom, promoting truth and fighting hatred, sexism, homophobia, racism, greed, corruption and the malignant forces of fascism. Together, we are known as the RESISTANCE. We fight daily by making phone calls and knocking on doors to educate voters. We participate in marches, letter-writing campaigns, and text banks, and we fight daily with social media advocacy. Never before have more people become so involved in fighting for justice and equality.

Never before has it been so important to do so. We are engaged in a mammoth undertaking because our adversaries are powerful, ruthless and are not only destroying democracy but also the Earth itself. There are 407 voter suppression bills that have been introduced in state legislatures in the United States. Thirty-three have already been passed. This isn’t just going on here. The attempt to subvert democracy is a worldwide phenomenon. Worse yet, the global temperatures are rising at an alarming rate. We are in the middle of a mass extinction. The Earth is burning, and we have very little time left to save it, so we must unite worldwide and devote ourselves passionately to the effort, so that our posterity can thrive, survive and know the blessings of liberty that were so graciously gifted by those who came before us.

– By Malena Copeland –


Malena Copeland is an activist with the resistance. Her account on Twitter is @tweetMalena. Like several other resisters, she cooperates with #FBPE.

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